Halloween 4 2006 – Best Costume: Polar Bear

Halloween 4 brought us to Clockwork on Pentonville Road. Although a particularly honourable mention should go to Borat overall there was little doubt that Bob Hoile’s massive Polar Bar outfit was the most memorable of the evening.

Once again there some late protests over this choice as it went against the established rule of bought or hired costumes not getting as much points as crafted ones. Quite simply it was so funny, big, cumbersome and downright absurd that it had to win.

How did he get home? How did talk to people? How did he pee? These are all questions which remain unanswered.

Watching Bob dance with seemingly miniature people all around him on the dance floor is an image which will seldom be forgotten by anyone.

Did Bob get it right?



  1. Hi!
    Any idea where Bob Hoile got that polar bear suit? I’d like to try to buy it,

  2. No idea sorry – must be a costume hire place in London somewhere.

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