Halloween 3 at El Paso Bar, Old Street 29/10/05

The sweaty dungeon below El Paso housed the third and possibly greatest party so far. Over 200 people turned up, ramming both floors to the limit of what was safe and reasonable.

Costume highlights included Teen Wolf who stuck fake wolf hair to his beard with super glue, a famous grand chess master dressed as a cheerleader, Bride of Chuckie who came dressed as Chuckie and two Ghostbusters who could blow ping pong balls from their proton packs. Special mention should go to The Riddler who had to endure being called The Joker all evening.

The panel of judges announced Teen Wolf as the winner of best costume but unfortunately he had run off home to his mum after it emerged that he had got accidentally drunk. The trophy was presented to him some days later.

View a slideshow of all the pictures below

Or visit the set on Flickr.com


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