Halloween 3 2005 Best Costume: Teen Wolf

The third instalment of Halloween London brought us to the sweaty dungeon of El Paso on Old Street. This was arguably one of the best when it came to the quality of some of the home made costumes on offer. Although the Ghostbusters and Chuckie costumes were darn good the unofficial straw poll amongst the revellers picked out Tom West’s simulation of Teen Wolf to be the best.

Tom spent a good deal of effort and very little money on his costume which are qualities of a true champion. The yellow basketball kit was purchased from a Mad House and he wore a pair of his mums thick brown tights over his legs which must have been bloomin hot.

The fake hair was stuck on all over shortly before arriving at El Paso which proved to be hilarious. On sticking a rather large clump to his stubbly face he noticed the instructions said “DO NOT STICK TO BODY HAIR”. The only conclusion was to get hideously drunk so that it wouldn’t hurt too much when the hair finally came off.

On closer inspection it may look more like Terry Waite than Teen Wolf but you can make your own mind up by looking at the video below.

Did Tom get it right?


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