Halloween 2 at The Chapel Bar, Islington 30/10/04


As it all seemed to go so well at the first Halloween party in 2003 it was decided that a second party was required. As with any follow up the pressure was on. The frog was out of the box as it were, and word of the legendary Halloween party had even spread as far as south London.

Luckily, the organisers managed to pull it off and over 150 people had made the effort to dress themselves up as all manner of curious and bizarre ways. Costume highlights included a guy dressed as the Tom Cruise character from A Few Good Men, The Hulk, Mum Ra, the entire Von Trapp family and the usual skeletons, vampires and so on.


After very little deliberation the award for best costume went to Beetlejuice mainly because he had got into the character a little too much and had caressed the naked, shriveled, naughty bits of the judges until they succumbed. I am reliably informed that no shelving was involved.

View a slideshow of all the pictures below

or visit the set on flickr.com


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