Halloween 2 2004 – Best Costume: Beetlejuice

Prior to the second Halloween party Barry Causton had been busy in his lair working on number of different costume ideas. Over the years Barry has acquired a reputation for doing things in a somewhat last minute fashion so it was anyone’s guess as to what might happen.

The end result was this rather impressive costume of Beetlejuice based on the character played by Michael Keaton in the film of the same name. On arriving Barry was highly amused that hardly a single person recognised him. The suit was created with white double sided tape stuck on to a black suit. The slap head hat and white paint were joke shop classics which he added later.

Barry couldn’t help staying in character all evening. He smoked, drank, burped and groped his way around the pub. Luckily most people were two drunk to notice.

All in all it was probably one of the least controversial awards of the best costume prize in history. It’s quite possible to recycle this costume should Barry want to go another year as the Doc from Back to the Future or Terry Nutkins.

Did Barry get it right?


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