Halloween 2003 – Best Costume: Edward Scissorhands

To have the best costume at the very first Halloween Party is a special honour – especially as there was a guy with a giant pumpkin on his head who threatened to snatch the glory. But in the end the judges unanimously chose Will Lane’s Edward Scissorhands as the best of the best.

Will’s costume was based around a pair of leather trousers he bought from a shop in Camden called Spank. They were purchased especially for this costume. Will’s family are vegetarians and also manufacturers of some of the finest leather sandals you will see (he also runs another shoe shop in Cambridge) so its only fitting that he gets extra credit for his full on cow hide ensemble. The cows were killed for the meat so it would be a shame to waste the leather.

The scissorhands themselves were pretty intricate. They were leather gloves with balsa wood blades attached to the end. Will’s dad came up trumps on these back home in his shed. The hair is Will’s own.

As the evening wore on the white face paint left its mark all over the pub – including on peoples faces, which provided useful information on the Scissorhands migration patterns.

Did Will get it right?


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